Q. Where do we operate? What type of transfers we do?
Our operations are in Rome,Italy.We do airport transfers and port transfers in Rome and Civitavecchia port areas.Our shuttles are privately for you and we will not make you wait for others at the airport, port or hotels. Our services are also available in Civitavecchia Port. We can do transfers to any part of Italy from Rome airports or Rome City Hotels.

Q. Are the vehicles non smoking? Air conditionned? How many do they seat?
All our vehicles are non smoking and are airconditioned. We usually do transfers with Mercedez cars and Vans / Fiat Luxury minivans / Opel minivans .For a transfer of two persons we usually send a Merecedez sedan which will accomodate upto 3 persons. For a transfer of more than three persons we always send a Mercedez / Fiat Mini Vans with much space for you and to accomodate your luggage.

Q. Are reservations (pre-booking) required ?
We appeciate online bookings as they are fast to process, reservations by email (with trips details) are also good. Please make the bookings at least a day before your arrival. This will give us time to co ordinate our daily operations with maximum efficiency.You can make lastminute booking just by calling us .

Q. Do you need a credit card to guarantee a transfer / pick up reservation ?
We do require your credit card details to hold and guarantee the transfer. Credit card details are just for guarantee, we won’t charge them prior to your trip, please pay in CASH (euros) to the driver after the trip. Any payment with credit card has to be paid in adavance through paypal, See our booking page for options .

Q. How far in advance must I reserve?
As early as possible or at least one or two day before your arrival . But we suggest to make online bookings as early as possible to make sure that we have sufficient availability to take your reservation. If you want to make a last minute booking call us atleat a couple of hours before your arrival in Rome Airport. You can reserve your transfers even before a couple of months if you have all the details necessary. We always appreciate a reminder email or a phone call to reconfirm your transfer a week or a couple of days before your trip.

Q. How many pieces of luggage you will take on the vehicle?
There are no restrictions from our side on how much luggage you can bring.Please specify the number of bags ( either big, medium or small ) you have while filling the booking Form.

Q. Are your prices per person?
Our prices are always for each trip (transfer) and not per person.

Q. Do your prices include “Taxes & Service Charges” ?
Our prices are “all inclusive”, nothing more than what we quote.

Q. Do we pay Extra Charges during the “night time transfers” ?
We actually charge a “Night Surplus Charge” for the night trips, see our quick quote section for details.

Q. Can we pay you with a credit card ?
We prefer cash payment in Euros after each trip, credit card payments are possible only if you prepay your reservation through “Paypal” , see our booking page options for details.

Q. Can we pay in US Dollars ?
We prefer the payment in cash (euros), you can even pay in US Dollars, the rate will be calculated on the basis of that day’s exchange rate and you have to add a small amount as bank charges.

Q. Do you accept Traveller’s Check ?
Sorry, we cannot accept Traveller’s Cheques.

Q. How do we finalize our booking?
Once we get your online booking , we will process the same and will contact you back with a confirmation.If you don’t recieve an email from us, please send us a reminder. We always appreciate a reconfirmation or a reminder a week or some days before your arrival. In case of a group booking ( for more than 10 persons ) a deposit of 30 % of the transfer charge is necessary, contact us for details.

Q. How can I contact you from the Airport?
From the airport you can simply dial our office numbers from the pay phones at the airport.We are available 24 hours a day, so you can contact us at any time.

Q. What’s up if my arriving flight is delayed ?
We check online the flight delays so our drivers will be updated about the delay’s, so a driver will be there for you even if your flight is delayed. But if you have the possibility to communicate us any delay or cancellation please call us immdediately.

Q. Does the transfer take us directly to our accommodation / destination ?
Yes, we will take you directly to the chosen destination without any stops. We aim to provide a door-to-door service. Occasionally ( in very rare cases ) this not possible for access reasons (narrow or pedestrian streets, private estates, or type / size of vehicle physically not allowing a nearer approach, police requirements, meteorological conditions like snow blocking access to hotel, etc. ) in this case you will be dropped and collected at the nearest available point.

Q. If our flight is delayed,we lost our luggage, will the driver be waiting for us?
Yes, flight arrival times are always monitored by our operators, so the driver will be updated with your flight arrival time. But If your baggage is lost or if you are late for any other reason please inform us soon, otherwise the driver will be waiting without any notice and this lateness will be charged. In case you miss the flight contact us immediately to re-schedule your pick-up.

Q. How do we meet with your driver? 
After collecting your luggage and clearing customs, you will be reaching the arrivals lounge where people wait for passengers to come out. On the side you will see drivers holding “Name Cards” and your driver will be there holding a name card with your “SURNAME” , this will be near a column / pillar written MEETING POINT. Please remember to have our phone number with you, if you are unable to find the driver please wait for 5-10 minutes and then call our number then we will direct you to the driver. Normally it takes about 30-40 minutes from the time when the plane lands until you actually get to the arrivals lounge. If you see that it will take longer, for example if your luggage is lost , please call us or ask the custom officer to let you come out for a second to tell your driver you’ll be late. ( Civitavecchia Cruise Port : ) Your driver will wait near the ship, just where your ship docks at the time you set to meet us. He will be having a name card written your “SURNAME”, just tell him that you are waiting for Zelit Limousine . (Hotel : ) Your driver will meet you at the hotels Lounge / Reception at the time confirmed during the reservation. If you want to remain in your room, we will make the receptionist call you, in this case please just leave a message at the reception that we have an appointment with you. (Train station : ) Arriving at the station ( Rome termini Station), just as you come down from the train, you’ll see the driver waiting with a sign with your name right on the platform where the train pulls in. You should simply come down from your cabin and walk towards the head of the train where the driver is waiting. ( Private Appartments or Addresses : ) The driver will either wait at the entrance of the building or if you want us switch the door bell, please provide us the door number (appartment number) also while booking.We can also call you on your phone on providing the number.

Q. How far is Rome city from Fiumicino airport?
Rome city is 30 kms away from the Leonardo da Vinci International Airport of Fiumicino.

Q. How far is Rome city from Civitavecchia Cruise Ship Port?
Rome city is almost 85-95 kms away from the Civitavecchia Port. From Fiumicino airport, the normal travel time is almost an hour to reach the Civitavecchia cruise port terminal. From a hotel in Rome city center, the time to reach Civitavecchia port will be more or less seventy five minutes.

Q. What is the baggage policy for transfers?
There are no limitations for the luggage, only thing is that, kindly inform us how many bags you will be having.

Q. We may take more/less than 30- 45 minutes to exit. Will the driver be there?
Driver will be waiting for you. The 30- 45 minutes indicated is an average time passengers take to exit with luggage. If you foresee that you will take less time (in case you have only hand luggage) or more time (reduced mobility, etc) please advise in the comments box while making your request, or if you want to call us to notify the same you can always call our Call center. In case you have to report lost baggage , please come to the arrivals lounge and tell the driver to wait, or please call us, otherwise driver will be waiting for you without any notice.

Q. How long will the driver wait for us to clear customs?
The driver will normally wait up to 45-60 minutes after your flight has landed before making enquiries with the airline, customs or immigration. After this procedure and if there is no sign of the passenger the driver will contact our call center to see if the client called our call center. The driver will never leave the airport with out appropriate indications from our Call center Operators. If you are delayed in customs, immigration, baggage collection or lost luggage please call our offices to ensure that your driver will wait.

Q. What happens if I can’t find my driver at the airport?
Please wait for him 5-10 minutes , then please call us on the number provided on the booking confirmation ( THE NUMBER ON OUR WEBSITE ), and you will be soon directed to your driver.Please don’t leave the airport without contacting us, otherwise remember that the driver will wait there for you for a long time.

Q. My flight has been cancelled. What do I do?
Please inform us as early as possible. Send an email or just call us.

Q. I have walking difficulties, so it may take me a while to come through. Will the driver wait for me?
YES, the driver will wait. If you foresee an expected delay, please indicate this fact in the “Comments” section of the booking form.

Q. We would like to arrive at the airport well in advance of our flight. How can we ensure this will happen?
We aim to transfer our passengers 2 and a half hours prior to flight take off. Most airline companies open their check-in desks 2 hours prior to flight take off, and close check-in 40-45 minutes prior to flight take off. You can specify the transfer (Pickup time) during your reservation, we can help you with our suggestions too.

Q. Should I put down our flight arrival / departure times taking on your time difference?
Please provide the time as shown on your flight ticket,without modifying. All pick-up times will be calculated precisely and confirmed to you on your booking confirmation. You can always decide upon the pickup time, put additional informations on the comments column.