Zelit Limousine Services Rome (Airport Port Transfers)

We want you to have an unforgettable experience every time you travel. That’s our one and only goal .
Our staff are passionate about travel. For us the words ‘to travel’ mean a lot more than simply moving around.
We do understand the value of a trusted online resource where you can quickly book your transfer services , at the best value.

We do arrange:

  • Private Airport Transfers ( not shared )
  • Driving tour : city sightseeing
  • Shore excursions (Rome,Ostia,Civitavecchia,Naples,Amalfi coast etc etc)
  • Shopping tours (shopping outlets of Rome)
  • Wine and Country tours (any spot in Italy)
  • Wedding Transfers (collaborations with all wedding planners in Italy and abroad)
  • Corporate/ Business transfers
  • Long distance car/van touring throughout Italy

We are always pleased to support sustainable travel by providing our clients with best resources available at the finest value. Our goal is to be a responsible and trusted supporter to our clients around the world. Booking with Zelit Limousine makes you able to create an unforgettable holiday experience that helps you better understand and appreciate their main goal, while having a great time, without worrying about your transfers. Follow Zelit Limousine Rome on Twitter or Facebook.

Why Should You Book Ahead?

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling to London or Las Vegas, Sydney or San Francisco, Paris or Rome, Planning your travel activities before leaving home (instead of waiting until you arrive at your destination) can mean the difference between a fulfilling holiday experience… and a disappointing trip full of time-consuming planning, long lines and unexpected sell-outs.

When you book ahead with zelit you are virtually guaranteed to save time and money. For starters, each and every price on zelitlimousine.com is guaranteed to be the best available. An unbeatable deal. As in, you won’t find it cheaper online or anywhere else, including at your destination. But, if you do, we’ll refund the difference.

Nobody likes being disappointed, and with zelit you are protected two ways. First, when you book ahead with zelit limousine you are guaranteed and preferred on our list , as we will close out the sale once a quota is reached for a certain date, and you will be allotted a driver well ahead of time. Any offers or suggestions from our side will reach you in advance to the contact details provided , so don’t take a chance. Book it ahead of time and lock in your confirmation.

Second, you have the flexibility to change the times with due preference from our side. As in all cases , you will get the best deal on booking ahead , we mean not only the price while saying “best deal”. Avoiding “queue” is the best thing to do in high seasons.

But , we will take care of late comers also …

Travel with Confidence

Zelit Limousine Service : Airport Port Transfer Services has been operation in Rome since 1997 and is a trusted transfer resource for many travellers touching Rome. Our promises are Preciseness, Comfort, Privacy, Reasonable rates & NO extra charges for reasonable flight delays.

Check out what our clients say about us in their reviews.

And if something odd does come up – for example, if you need to change a date, time, add an extra person, make a change to your itinerary — our customer care team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With Zelit Limousine you can always travel with certainity.